Sroubarna Marek

spokes, nipples, wheel nuts, nails, rivets

The company will be closed due to holidays and stock-taking from 1.7. until 12.7.

We look forward to seeing you again from 15.7.2024.

The Screw Mill Marek s.r.o. is a manufacturing company whose tradition is longer than 120 years, residing in Hvězdonice, the Czech Republic.

They produce here a wide-ranging spectrum of metallurgical secondary products ( wheel spokes, nuts, nails, rivets, baking brass…).

The products find trade outlet in various industrial branches on many foreign markets. Foreign partners come mostly from the EU-countries, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Poland and Hungary.

The company has implemented a QC system complying with the ISO9001:2008 standards.

Currently, the firm is in hands of the original founder's descendants and occupies around 18 employees.


To win an important sports competition or even become a world or Olympic champion is not an act of coincidence. It is more a question of strong-willed attitude, challenging and long preparation. Just after many years of effort and disciplined work the success will come. And sometimes, not even then you can make it. However different from our way the way of a 1st class sportsman may seem, by its nature it is not that unlike. The goals certainly are different but the ways to achieve them are quite similar.

So what is the goal our company heads for? Our first priority is customer's satisfaction. Running our business would have no long-term perspective without instant approaching of this goal. It is not important what sort of customer you are - small, big, domestic, foreign, do-it-yourself man or car-maker. It is important to make you satisfied and loyal towards our company.

To get and even hold customers is as challenging and long-lasting as sportsman's way to victory. As well as a sportsman must train himself regularly and faithfully, our employees are required to faithfully do their job day by day. As well as a top-class sportsman has to optimize his technique and seek for his own reserves, also we seek for our reserves, improve our effectiveness and quality of our activities. And as well as a sportsman, we also see for the competitors in order to be better and keep our competitive merits. Yet there is a distinct difference: A sportsman once reaches the stars but after certain time he quits the stage. We cannot quit. We must go on.