About us


The beginnings of the rise of the current enterprise date back to 1901, when Mr. Josef Marek bought a mill in an auction, with adjacent sites. The mill was adapted and on June 26th, 1901 the production of nails and wire structures was launched. The production program continuously extended to wood screws, metric thread screws and Whitworth thread screws and nuts. The plant expanded and in 1928 the number of workers reached 100. The manufacturer Josef Marek contemporarily became the Mayor of Hvězdonice and substantially helped promote the municipality.

The first serious disturbance of the manufacturing (especially the manufacturing program) brought World War II. Between 1945 and 1948 the company managed to resume production in the original extent and the production volume reached the pre-war figures. In 1948 the company was nationalized and came under the competence of the Ministry of Iron Works and organizationally became subordinate to Screwmill Libcice. The manufacturing program was substantially restricted, which resulted in 1989 in product assortment consisting only of shot nails, wheel-spoke wires, and part of the screw product line.

As part of the restitutions, the factory was returned to the families of the original owners by June 1st, 1992. The product assortment was extended to building nails and welding screws, motorcycle spokes and parts made upon order. The structure of the outlet basis was changed and due to continuous reduction of the employee numbers the work productivity rose. Reasonable personnel policy (taking advantage of the long-lasting know-how of many employees) and the introduction of a QC system according to ISO 9000, which occurred in 1996, enable to keep high-level quality of production.


To be a supplier that is able to go through with hard international competition is not a simple job. To achieve this, unambiguous focusing on quality is of essence. Our company understands this and therefore strongly emphasizes quality maintenance and improvement.

For this purpose we started in 1995 the process of quality controlling in conformity with the EN ISO 9002/9004 standards. This process was successfully concluded in 1996 by the certification of Bureau Veritas Quality International proving the implementation of QC system complying with the above-mentioned standards. Since 2002 we are recertificated ISO 9001:2008. Implementing the QC system conforming to this standard, we deal in favor of our customers involvement in industry. 

The QC system itself is tightly connected with the quality of our suppliers. For that reason we do our own certification of all our suppliers. The certification is done by trained employees, who give the company management staff regular evaluations. Our evaluations are multi-criteria-based, whereas concluding of basic contracts for future periods is based on such evaluations.